I originally wrote this story shortly before, during and after the election of 2012 and although I occasionally revised the material since then, the only real difference now is updated references to more current events such as the election of 2016. For the last thirty or so years, comparing our presidents, policies and cultural values to Hitler and the Nazis tended to fall mostly on the deaf ears of those that benefit from the program but orators such as myself now encounter a glorious new basis of credibility and that basis of credibility is you. You establish my credibility now because you may recently have quoted Nazi concentration camp survivor Martin Niemöller or at least expressed no disapproval as others paraphrased his famous cautionary words of wisdom, warning if I don’t listen now and protest while they come for the Hispanic immigrants and the Muslims, then when they come for me later, there will be no one left to defend me. If you cited the quote in any such updated paraphrased fashion, I know you didn’t read it first because the groups you name are out of sequence. Read it now and be sure to note that the first two groups Niemöller names in the succession of those whom “they came for” are not ethnic or religious groups. Did you issue warning when “they came for” those two groups here? I did… and I quoted Niemöller too when I did it. First, they came for me and that is why your cautionary words of wisdom only fall on my deaf ears now. That is why maybe you should listen to my story first and then maybe later I will listen to yours.

   I think of the 2016 election cycle as a revelation of sorts. Although everything I observed only confirmed what I already suspected, I never expected an electorate to exhibit so affirmatively such shameless hostility toward the working class and such celebratory contempt for democracy. I never expected an electorate to support so gleefully the continuing subversion of democracy and continuing destruction of the working class. I never expected an electorate to vilify so eagerly so clearly sincere, qualified and experienced a candidate while so militantly supporting so obviously malevolent and destructive a monstrous buffoon and then of course the Republican primary and general election were thoroughly repulsive as well.

   The reason the European fascists bear today all responsibility for the war is branding and packaging. They got the branding and the packaging all wrong. Granted, the word ‘fascism’ was less than universally unfashionable upon its introduction and early use but the mistake the European fascists nevertheless made was giving it a brand name, calling it something different, something new with its very own new different name, and then dressing it all up in silly clown costumes with big bright conspicuous banners. All the pomp and posture, all the flamboyance, loud colors, blaring noise and braggadocio was always an all or nothing proposition. They promised a glorious ‘all’ then they delivered a catastrophic ‘nothing’ and because of all the noise and clown costumes, bright colors and big flashy logos… everybody knew who to blame, everybody knew who is in charge of this fiasco, everybody knew… you did this.

   Some elements of the US fascist movement dabbled in clown costumes, loud colors and flashy logos early on before the war but the mainstream business wing of the US fascist movement had reservations about such high profiles so they waited, they watched, they learned lessons and they never repeated the mistakes of the European fascists. The US fascist movement does not have a brand name, a party, a flag, loud colors or clown costumes, no pomp, parade or blaring noise. They wear business suits, they work in the private sector, they rarely appear on television, you can’t tell who they are by looking at them and they never say ‘fascism’ aloud, not even to each other in private. They don’t even consider themselves fascist, they call themselves businessmen, the words they say aloud are ‘merit’, ‘ambition’ and ‘economic freedom’ and they mean those words sincerely. They don’t tell lies and they don’t make promises, they pay politicians to do that and they pay politicians from both major parties so when promises of a glorious ‘all’ invariably deliver the next catastrophic ‘nothing’… nobody knows for sure who to blame, nobody knows who is really in charge of this fiasco, nobody knows for sure… who did this?

   Fascist governments and their armies lost World War II but fascism did not lose World War II. Fascism snuck out a secret trapdoor during the shootout, stuffed the silly clown costume into a dumpster then dressed up in a disguise, blended in with the pedestrians and hid in plain sight among the gawkers at the scene of the crime. It comes only in dull innocuous colors now without brand name labels or logos. Fascism is like a murder mystery now. You have a battered corpse with a knife in its back so you are certain it must be a murder but nobody saw who did it. There are fingerprints, hairs and fibers on the scene but every suspect knew the victim so they all have plausible explanations for the presence of any such evidence. They all have alibis and at the time of the murder, they were all just doing their jobs, they were all just ambitious, just trying to make a profit and there is never any better alibi than that. You can’t arrest somebody just because they profit from death. You can’t arrest anybody for global warming, for the subversion of democracy or for the destruction of the working class just because they profit from it all. You can’t pin those crimes on anybody anymore because as long as the motive is ambition and profit then nothing is ever suspicious, there are no investigations, no arrests, no punishments or consequences and not even a battered corpse with a knife in its back is necessarily evidence of a crime.

   Anonymity and mimicry among the rabble of self-centric swindlers and gawkers stupefied by the mayhem is how fascism survived the war and the language of banal esoteric jargon is how fascism rehabilitated its toxic values then rose once again to predominance. The moral, economic and philosophical values bear no brand name labels anymore, each value a spontaneous autonomous circular self-justification of a random ideal for no particular reason, a principle with no particular purpose, all ingredients ground up into a monotonous amalgamation of trite tepid sentiment with no tangible relationship to any material reality, causation or consequence. This did not all happen just last year. A history precedes it. There are reasons we praise and revere the miscreants that extract obscene wealth without constructive contribution, impoverishing half the population of the wealthiest nation in the history of the world while forcing fifty thousand of them per year to die without treatment when they are ill. There are reasons our policies consist of casual murder and war crime while we neither object nor barely even so much as comment. There are reasons monstrous buffoons win our elections and reasons we never arrest anyone for any of these crimes because underneath all the pretense and excuses, we all know who to blame, we all know who is really in charge of this fiasco… We are in charge of this fiasco. We are to blame. We are all a part of this history and it is ours together. We did this.

   Based on thirty million true stories, ‘The Curse of Hitler’s Mandrake’ is an unforgiving psychological exploration of our moral, economic and philosophical values, all of them, from origin to contemporary pop-culture ethos and post-modern pop psychology fad, from the sentimental mathematics of existentialism to the pseudo-science of occult economics to the perverse romanticism of meritorious strength and job-creation mythology. Every branch sprouts from a common trunk and that trunk forms a continuous line that connects today directly to the dawn of civilization. That trunk is what we know by its most recent name, fascism because fascism is the original philosophy. That is why it is so primordial. It is older than civilization. It is in fact, the cause of civilization. Its ancient dark primitive values are still the fuel of its modern beating vampire heart today, inalterable by the progression of time and invulnerable to the sorrows of men. It has always been with us. It is who we are, and we will never cross the threshold to the next dawn of the next civilization or the hope of a better future until our day of reckoning with this twisted history and with these perverse ideals, until our day of reckoning with these crimes.

   Comparison to Hitler and Nazis is fashionable again. You make it so by quoting Niemöller so now that you scooped that serving onto your plate, maybe you should sit down and eat it.




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